North Carolina Fact Sheet for the Upcoming Tobacco Associates Export Promotion Referendum

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Image of tobacco field

Who:  Flue-cured tobacco farmers engaged in the production of flue-cured tobacco during the 2018 corp and who share directly in the risk of production of the tobacco crop or in the proceeds of sale of tobacco grown in North Carolina are eligible to vote.

What: Tobacco producers are being urged to vote for the continuation of their Export Promotion Programs conducted by Tobacco Associates for the next three marketing years (2019, 2020, 2021). A positive vote for Tobacco Associates will allow the continuation of an assessment not to exceed 1/5 of one cent per pound for the growers’ export promotion programs.

When:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Where:  The voting will be conducted by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at each flue-cured producing County N.C. Cooperative Extension office during normal office hours. 

Tobacco Associates and its promotion programs are unique to the worldwide industry. No other organization offers the types and scope of promotion assistance and education to current and potential customers. Customized programs are designed to stimulate demand of US produced flue-cured tobacco by educating prospective customers on the superior quality characteristics of US leaf and its proper utilization. Specifically, these programs: explore and identify new market opportunities, generate awareness of and create interest in US flue-cured, increase familiarity and understanding of US grades and quality attributes, and demonstrate smoke quality advantages and optimum usability to generate trial and purchase. Providing such a range of expert assistance programs has proven successful in expanding and securing markets for US leaf. The continued support of flue-cured tobacco farmers will enable TA to move forward with its planned export promotions initiatives.