4-H Science Fair-Wilkes County

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science fair

October 25, 2019 | 9 a.m.
Wilkes Agricultural Center
Do you love science and are looking for an opportunity to display a project that you are passionate about or just find fun? Last year we offered a 4-H science fair to our homeschool families so that they too can participate in all the science fair fun, and we’re offering it again this year! Participants will have the opportunity to display a science fair project and take part in lots of hands-on science activities. This is a great opportunity to work on organization and public speaking skills!
Projects are divided up based on age categories:
(Ages 3-4) Pre-Cloverbud
(Ages 5-8) Cloverbud
Agest 9-13) Junior
(Ages 14-18) Senior
Prizes range from $5-50 Clover Cash which can be used to register for any 4-H event (Clover Camp, Summer Adventures, etc.).
The only requirements are that you follow the traditional scientific process and that you display your findings on a science board for the judges and your peers to see your work!
Ms. Whitney is available to help refine project questions/ideas, and with conducting experiments, board display, etc. This opportunity is also open to our 4-H youth who aren’t able to participate in a school science fair, please let Ms. Whitney know if you would like to participate but can’t be available during this time.
Please register online. The deadline to register is October 10.
Here is the flyer to share with your friends or club members.