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MaryMorgan Arrington

MaryMorgan Arrington

Former Assistant Extension Agent
MaryMorgan is no longer active in Extension
Wilkes County

Recent Posts by MaryMorgan Arrington

Cover photo for Understanding Cold Damage

Understanding Cold Damage

When winter hits hard, and your plants get covered in over a foot of snow, there are some plants that …

Cover photo for Houseplants in the Winter

Houseplants in the Winter

During the winter months, there are several things to keep in mind when caring for your typical houseplants. Even …

Cover photo for Screening With Evergreens

Screening With Evergreens

Screening plants are used in the landscape to make a sort of living wall. Screens are used for privacy, …

Cover photo for Stink Bugs in the Home

Stink Bugs in the Home

I have had several calls recently about stink bugs inside people’s homes. My area of work is horticulture, and …

Cover photo for Plants Flowering Out of Season

Plants Flowering Out of Season

The weather in Wilkes County has fluctuated dramatically over the past year, which can be very confusing to some …

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