Dial Gauge Pressure Canner Testing

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I believe this year has been a season of renewed appreciation for skills such as home gardening and preserving the harvest for the year to come. In many families, including my own, recipes and canning supplies are passed down through generations. As we learn more about food safety we know that both the recipes and canning supplies need to be carefully examined to ensure the health of our family. For new and experienced canners now is a good time to remind everyone to have their dial gauge pressure canner tested.

It is recommended to test a dial gauge pressure canner for accuracy each year. Weighted gauge canners are meant to maintain accuracy over time and do not need to be tested. If a dial gauge is out of calibration then there is a risk of under-processing food. Under-processing of food can lead to harmful toxins such as botulism, which can result in illness and even death. For low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood the recommended method is pressure canning.

When canning the safest option is to follow research-based recipes provided from The National Center for Home Food Preservation or the So Easy to Preserve book. The book is available for purchase on the NCHFP website or at the Wilkes Extension Office.

The N.C. Cooperative Extension, Wilkes County Center will test your pressure gauge canner for free. Due to COVID-19, we request the lid be dropped off in the lobby of the Wilkes Agricultural Center. Please bring the lid only, the pot is not necessary. Then the lid will be tested, sanitized, and returned to you. For questions or to set up an appointment call 336-651-7331.

*Appointments are not necessary but will ensure someone will be able to test the lid when you arrive.*