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Cover photo for New Ornamental Pest Alert!

New Ornamental Pest Alert!

Occasionally, new insect pests and diseases of ornamental trees and shrubs are accidentally introduced to the United States. New …

Cover photo for Do You Have Roaches? Ugh!!

Do You Have Roaches? Ugh!!

Most bugs I find in the house do not bother me. I normally just scoop them up and throw …

Cover photo for Remember...Use Pesticides Wisely!

Remember...Use Pesticides Wisely!

Occasionally, pesticides make the news in a bad way when someone is accidentally poisoned. Although pesticide poisonings are relatively …

Cover photo for Got Bugs??

Got Bugs??

Now that winter is arriving, people will be staying inside more to escape the cold. Some homeowners will find …

Recent Publications related to Pest Management

Cross-section of Fusarium root rot

Fusarium Root Rot of Sweetpotato

This factsheet discusses the identification and control of Fusarium root rot, a fungus that causes …

P. capsici sporangia as viewed under the microscope

Phytophthora Blight of Peppers

Phytophthora blight of peppers is caused by a fungal-like pathogen that can cause crown rot …

Figure 1. Wilting of the aboveground tissue. All leaves are wilt

Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon

Fusarium wilt of watermelon is a fungus that causes wilting of the aboveground tissue and …

Cucurbit downy mildew on cucumber

Cucurbit Downy Mildew

This factsheet covers downy mildew disease in cucurbits, including identification, transmission and disease management and …

Controlling Mite Pests in Earthworm Beds

This publication discusses keeping mite pests at bay in worm beds for vermicomposting.

3 days ago
Figure 1. Horse fly.

Horse Flies and Deer Flies

This Entomology Insect Note discusses identifying horse and deer flies and how to control them.

Figure 1. Silverfish.

Silverfish and Firebrats

This Entomology Insect Note describes the biology, behavior and management of silverfish infestations.

6 days agoHousehold Pests
Figure 1. Spreading granular ant bait.

Tips for Effective Ant Baiting

This Entomology Insect Note offers tips for baiting ants in an around homes.

7 days agoHousehold Pests